LK-99 – Just Another Superconductor Claim?

  • LK-99 – a copper, lead, phosphorus, and oxygen compound
  • Synthesized by a Korean team at a start-up firm.
  • Quantum Energy Research Centre, Seol
  • Led by Sukbae Lee and Ji-Hoon Kim
  • LK – surnames + 1999 (when LK-99 was first synthesized)

Research claims

  • Superconductor at room temperature and above as high as 127 °C
  • Superconductor at ambient pressure
  • Samples show zero electrical resistance.
  • Samples show Meissner Effect
  • Meissner Effect – means zero magnetic field inside a superconductor.
  • Meissner Effect – when a material expels a magnet – thus levitates above it.
  • “Electricity flow at room temperatures with zero resistance”

The condition so far

  • No superconductor material at ambient conditions so far
  • Some synthesized materials have shown superconductivity.
  • But only under extremely low temperatures or high pressures

No other ‘replicative’ studies supported it so far.

  • Studies replicated LK-99 synthesis.
  • No superconductivity found at ambient conditions.
  • National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, India
  • Beihang University, Beijing, China
  • Experts – data by the Korean team is not convincing

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