Why India Matters for the World

  • Only major economy – expected to grow by around 7% nominal GDP growth rates for many coming years.
  • China – saturated on economic growth rate – economic slowdown for many next years.  
  • India – a functional democracy – suits well against China’s extortion on economic front.
  • India – the most populous nation – that is well connected to the world.
  • Potential to replace China’s as the next manufacturing hub of the world.
  • Unlike China, it is an open, thriving market for multinationals – something that China lacks – with a clear no to many industrial sectors.  
  • China – a nation with history of boundary disputes with over two dozen countries.
  • India – largest contributors of troops to UN global peacekeeping military operations.
  • China violates many international laws like in the South China Sea or East China Sea.
  • China is known for pushing Chinese debt trap policies to extort other countries further.
  • India suits well with the policies of economic and military powers of the world – USA and other western nations.

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