China’s South China Threat – US’ 9 Military Bases in the Philippines

Under US-Philippines Agreement

Agreement to use a part of 8 Philippines Military Bases in contingencies

  • Camilo Osias navy base – Santa Ana – Cagayan province – northern Luzon Island – near Taiwan, north facing – Taiwan’s third-largest city Kaohsiung is just 500 K away
  • Lal-lo airport – Cagayan province – Luzon Island – near Taiwan, north facing
  • Camp Melchor Dela Cruz – Gamu – Isabela province – Luzon Island – near Taiwan, north facing
  • The island of Balabac – Palawan Island – in South China Sea – near disputed Spratly Islands – very close to disputed Mischief Reef, China’s artificial island with military facilities
  • The Antonio Bautista Air Base – Palawan Island – the Philippines’ closes military base to the disputed Spratly Islands (few dozen miles)
  • Basa Air Base – Pampanga – near Manila, in a rural area – near South China Sea
  • Fort Magsaysay – Nueva Ecija – the Philippines largest military base and a training center
  • Benito Ebuen Air Base – Cebu – Mactan Island – originally built by the US air force
  • Lumbia Air Base – Mindanao – southern Island

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