The Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) means,

  • The US has direct access to 9 strategic military bases.
  • Directly overlooking the South China Sea.
  • Multiple theaters of war engagement with China as direct target
  • Access for pre-positioning of military equipment.  
  • US can build its own temporary military facilities in case of a military conflict (here with China)
  • Agreement to build runways for fighter jets.
  • Agreement to build military housing,
  • Agreement to build fuel storage facilities.
  • Joint training – US and Philippines forces.
  • The US can rotate its troops in between all 9 bases.

Access to bases – not permanent – but temporary – in contingency cases – like military conflicts.

The EDCA China Angle

  • An answer to increased Chinese aggressiveness in the South China Sea and increasing North Corean belligerence.  
  • To protect Taiwan’s independence from China’s accession threats and a possible war.
  • To help other US allies in the area, Japan, and South Corea against Chinese and North Korean aggression.


  • Signed on April 28, 2014 – in Quezon City, the Philippines.
  • Access to five Philippine military bases.
  • Location/names of five bases revealed – March 18, 2016.

The Accelerated EDCA

  • 2014 EDCA extended on February 1, 2023.
  • US to get access to four new strategic Philippine military bases.
  • Location/name of four new bases revealed – April 3, 2023.

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