The Chinese Collusion – Global Data Colonisation with a Pliant Social Media

Why China Blocked External Communication Tech Players?

Forced Censorship

  • Free speech and content generation is not allowed in China.
  • Something that is lifeline for external technology, internet and social media companies.
  • China considers free content generation a national and social security threat.


  • Aimed to give unilateral playing field to domestic players.
  • Focused on regulating the content flow.

Need for a Pliant Internet and Social Media Web

  • Imitate the external tech players, if needed, to create a controlled data flow network.
  • Create a pro China Communist Party web of social media.
  • Effective control of online data and information related to China.
  • Propagate and promote the soft power of China’s dictatorial leadership.
  • Chinese versions replaced global giants in search and social media sphere like Google, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Google, Amazon, Facebook And Twitter were replaced by China’s state-controlled firms Baidu, Tencent, Weibo, Wechat And Tiktok ·       
  • Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent are mere imitations of Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Data Leverage

  • Chinese communication tech companies legally bound to share data with Chinese government if asked.
  • Giving China an easy access to external data.

Data Colonisation

  • Pushing Chinese players to make inroads in other countries.
  • Giving China an unfair advantage as external tech companies are not allowed in China.
  • China can acquire and store data from across the globe and can use it against other countries.

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