The Impeachment of US President Donald Trump

3rd US President to be impeached by the House of Representatives, the lower House.

Charges against Donald Trump – the two Articles of Impeachment
Presidential abuse of power
Obstruction of Congress
The Democratic Party is in majority and President Trump’s Republican Party is in minority in the House of Representative.
Votes on Article 1 of Impeachment
                                                       For – 229 Democrats, 1 Independent 
Votes on Article 1 of Impeachment
                                                       Against – all 195 Republicans, 2 Democrats 
Total – 230 for, 197 against
Votes on Article 2 of Impeachment 
                                                       For – 228 Democrats, 1 Independent 
Votes on Article 2 of Impeachment 
                                                       Against – all 195 Republicans, 3 Democrats 
Total – 229 for, 198 against
3 Democrats who voted against the Impeachment
Jeff Van Drew – New Jersey – has already said he is joining the Republican Party.  
Collin Peterson – from Minnesota
Jared Golden – from Maine
Not voted
    Article 1 – 1 Democrat, 2 Republicans

                Article 2 – 1 Democrat, 2 Republicans

Presidential candidate Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii has criticized the impeachment process. She voted ‘present’, choosing not to vote for or against. She said,

“After doing my due diligence in reviewing the 658-page impeachment report, I came to the conclusion that I could not in good conscience vote either yes or no.”
She said Donald Trump was guilty of wrongdoing but slammed the impeachment process as politically motivated.

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