Israel’s Ground Offensive in Gaza – November 17

  • Hamas rockets hidden in a baby’s bed – in the Beit Hanoun city in northern Gaza
  • Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant – western part of the Gaza Strip/Enclave won.
  • Hamas & related threats eliminated from Gaza’s western territory.
  • IDF – soon the Hamas military system in northern Gaza will be dismantled.
  • IDF – more Gaza Strip regions to be targeted after it.
  • IDF – Khan Younis residents in several neighbourhoods in southern Gaza urged to evacuate.
  • Hamas leader, Ahmad Bahar (76), killed in Israeli air strike.
  • Israel – allows 2 fuel trucks in Gaza Strip daily – for UN needs.

IDF says, – al-Shifa hospital,

  • Hamas’s operational tunnel uncovered.
  • Tunnel inside al-Shifa hospital complex.
  • A vehicle with large number of weapons also recovered.
  • Arms/ammunition hidden inside hospital’s MRI center.
  • Hamas laptops – saying hostages were kept there.
  • Body of Israeli hostage, Yehudit Weiss (65), found near Al-Shifa hospital.
  • Accuses Hamas hiding al-Shifa evidence.

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