How IDF is scaling up operations in the Gaza Strip?

  • Gaza City, the largest town – Hamas main hideout.
  • Israel/IDF – Hamas using hospitals are command centers. 
  • October 13th – IDF appealed for Northern Gaza evacuation.
  • Said will provide safe passages for Gazans evacuation.
  • October 27th, when IDF decided to start full scale Gaza ground operation.
  • 3 entry points on border – NW | NE | SE
  • NW (The Mediterranean Coast | NE (Beit Hanoun) | SE (of Gaza City)
  • Gaza City was encircled by the IDF on 6th November.
  • 600,000 Gazans still estimated to be in Gaza City.
  • On 13th November, IDF captured the Gaza Parliament building.
  • Gaza Parliament building is also called Hamas military police HQ.
  • On November 13th, IDF captured al-Rantisi hospital in North Gaza.
  • Before it, IDF said it evacuated staff and patients.
  • Al-Rantisi, a hospital for children, was being used Hamas IDF says.
  • IDF released videos, showing weapons stored by Hamas in the basement.
  • Israel also suspected some of hostages were hold up there.
  • November 13th, IDF said killed 21 terrorists who used al-Quds hospital in Gaza City | were mixed with civilians. 
  • IDF – the terror cell from al-Quds had opened fire at IDF troops | with light arms/RPGs.
  • IDF has also encircled al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, Gaza’s largest healthcare facility.
  • IDF says Hamas headquarters are underneath the al-Shifa hospital. Denied by al-Shifa and Hamas.
  • Nov 15 – IDF – Hamas command center found in al-Shifa hospital – with weapons and combat gears stored. Hamas denies.

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