India’s No to Foreign Aid

  • 2001 Bhuj Earthquake – last appeal by the GOI for external aid
  • Feb 2003 Budget – said no to ‘tied aid’
  • Asked donor countries to route their aid through NGOs, the UN or other multilateral institutions
  • 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami – India refused foreign aid – said no to Japan, US, Israel
  • Then PM Manmohan Singh – “We feel that we can cope with the situation on our own.”
  • 2018 Kerala floods – refused any external aid
  • Cancelled its own debt on heavily indebted poor countries – like Ghana, Mozambique and Tanzania
  • March 2008 – Department of Economic Affairs – paper/guidelines – on receiving foreign aid
  • India capable enough – no to foreign aid or tied aid – if a country is willing, can route it through multilateral institutions or NGOs  

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