Ansarullah Bangla Team (ABT)

  • Reflects new generation of jihadis
  • Grew in Bangladesh, now trying to spread in other countries
  • Radical, extremely orthodox, brutal
  • Teach savvy, educated, mostly from universities or other educational institutes  
  • Cyberspace core of terror operations
  • For radicalization – for propaganda – for target killings  
  • Founded in 2007 – as Jama’atul Muslemin
  • Resurrected in 2012 as ABT
  • Core – extremist ideologies of AQ and IS
  • Terror work closely associated with AQIS
  • Agenda – armed jihad, subvert democracy
  • Mode – target killings of liberal/secular voices  
  • Usually work in small units of around 6 to 7 terrorists
  • Unlike sleeper cells – melee weapons/knife attacks in crowded places
  • Seek attention, to spread fear, to silent critical voices, to radicalize more youth
  • To push their version of Islam/to wipe out the dissenters
  • Like Taliban: oppressing women, clear direction – women not to be given jobs

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