Covid-19 Vaccines – Rich Vs Poor

Covid Vaccines and Global Disparity – Rich Vs Poor Ramifications 
Continent wise vaccinations – till June 24, 2021 
 Population Total VaccinationPopulation vaccinated
World 7.79 Billion2.84 Billion36.46%
Asia 4.64 Billion1.72 Billion37%
Europe 748.68 Million474.62 Million63.39%
North America592.07 Million419.29 Million70.82%
European Union444.92 Million339.25 Million76.25%
South America430.76 Million168.59 Million39.14%
Africa1.34 Billion48.44 Million3.61%
Vaccinated with at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine 
Data Source: Our World in Data

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