10 Years & Now BJP a Major Power Player in North-East India

Before 2014, BJP was not a potent political force in 8 NE states. Had a government for around one year with Congress’ Gegong Apang rebelled and shifted to BJP along with 34 other MLAs. Before the government could complete one year, Apang returned to Congress and the BJP government fell. Today, the party has elected governments of its own in four states. The big political mileage is, the party has retained its governments, in Assam (2016 and 2021), Arunachal Pradesh (2016 and 2021), Manipur (2017 and 2022), and Tripura (2018 and 2023). The party is junior partner in Meghalaya (2018 and 2023) and Nagaland (2018 and 2023) governments. The ruling parties of Mizoram and Sikkim are part of the Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA), and thus a part of the BJP-led NDA government.

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